1/1/2009 - Been a long time again since an entry. There is one major change to the site. Thanks to Bill from we are now running WXSim, a weather modeling program that creates forecasts. These forecasts can be seen here: WXSim Forecast.

Here is a summary of 2008 traffic to the sites I host:

Thanks to Curly from broken records will now also be displayed on the home page.

Thanks to those who use the site. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or corrections.

Thanks especially to Ken True from, who is always willing to fill in for me when I am on the road.

7/2/2008 - We had very strong winds and very heavy rain this afternoon. There are many trees down not far from the house. The storms came in two groups between 3pm and 5pm. The two groups dropped just slightly over four inches of rain in just a few hours.

Here are a couple of screenshots from GRLevel3 showing the composite reflectivity of the storm.

storm line

storm line

Here are some pictures of the downed trees.

downed trees

downed trees

downed trees

downed trees

downed trees

downed trees

6/6/2008 - The Midwestern Weather Network has been running for a month now. Traffic to the site is quite good. Thanks to all who contributed time, effort and data to make every thing work.

Here is a screen shot from GRLevel3 of the storms that passed through Michigan tonight.

squall line

3/7/2008 - It has been a while since an update here. I have been busy with work.

The new site design is in place. There is still some work to be done, though. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks to those who designed the templates, provided plug ins and help.

1/7/2008 - High of 64 F today. We had a Tornado Watch. Very unusual for January. This is the track of the storm that caused tornados in Wisconsin and hail, a funnel cloud and heavy rain in Michigan. Note the spotter reports in a line from about WSW to ENE in the second image. Somehow I got a bit of my Weather Display window in the screen capture but it still shows what I wanted it to. Pink dots in the images are lightning strikes during the last 30 minutes.

Red icons are tornados or funnel clouds; blue rain drops are heavy rain; green icons are hail; blue anemometers are high wind gusts; yellow anemometers are thunderstorm damage.

Storm just off shore of Muskegon. Note the tornados in Wisconsin.

Same storm a couple hours later

1/6/2008 - High temp of 55 F today. Our typical January thaw.

1/3/2008 - Nothing really noteworthy today except that I recorded an all time high on my barometer at 30.734 inches.

12/26/2007 - An interesting weather web site: Atmospheric Optics.

12/23/2007 - Very windy today. The anemometer recorded 25 gusts of over 30 miles per hour. Wind run for the day was 286 miles. About 5:30 am a strong squall line moved through bringing with it the highest winds of the day, two gusts of 38 and 39 miles per hour. About 1/10 of an inch of rain fell. Temperature was 52 F when the front arrived. During the day it dropped to 17 F. Aound 5:30 pm lake effect snow began falling with the wind still blowing causing a lot of drifting. We had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Winter Storm Warning at the same time.

Composite Reflectivity of squall line
comp refl

Records for my data - Windiest day, highest wind gust